One Love Reggae Hall of Fame “Redz” Memorial

October 18, 2020

One Love Reggae Hall of Fame “Redz” Memorial

Considering today’s current events​​, Bob Marley’s dream of a “One Love” World is now more important than ever. This special presentation ​is dedicated to those who are dreaming, those who have dreamed and worked toward the realization of a better world.

​It is our honor to present​ ​a ​Rebel Princess-led ​memorial tribute to American Reggae Hall of Famer, Eric Morton (AKA: Redz)​ and their legendary roots-reggae band the Rebel Rockers​., ​the band most widely credited for popularizing Reggae music in America and Bob Marley’s dream of a “One Love” world.​ Join us as we learn more about this amazing dream and those striving to make it a reality.

Rebel Rockers "Redz" and "Princess" Deborah Sullivan

Eric Morton, AKA “Redz”           Deborah Sullivan, AKA “Princess


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